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Finally, you can mark another facet of “market squealing” in science – this is an appeal to law enforcement agencies in order to simply take the extortioner red-handed. But, in our experience, the discussion of such an opportunity (with colleagues and students) is even outraged by many, because “it’s even indecent to“ pledge ”our own colleagues”, “it’s better to talk to them in a good way” … that in such a position there is a clear distrust of law enforcement agencies, especially since among the extortionists you can often see people in uniform (and we even came across extortionists-generals who have many connections not only with psychological luminaries, but also with government officials). It turns out that the very attempt to put the extortioner in place and, moreover, to punish him according to the law, can be perceived by many as “squealing” at a “respected scientist” …
Unfortunately, the author of these lines cannot boast of courage and a developed civil position. Quite recently, a large sum of money was extorted from our applicant at one provincial university (somewhere along the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg) … Even now we cannot muster courage and say exactly which university we are talking about, especially since and the rector of this university actually encouraged one professing extortionist, because the extortionist himself presents himself as an important figure, having many strong connections in the metropolitan psychology. Moreover, we sometimes even wondered if it would be worthwhile for us to discourage our applicant from taking a bribe: he would have lived peacefully, otherwise he would be forced to worry too much, including using various delays in drawing up documents. Here, after all, a well-established system works! ..
Unfortunately, both the chairman and members of this dissertation council, knowing full well what was going on, and even condemning the extortioner, couldn’t do anything except verbal perturbations – everyone had a fear of extortioner and his patrons in Moscow. And we are not sure that during the trial they would like to act as witnesses, especially since there is no direct evidence of a bribe, because the extortioner himself is from the generals and acts quite intelligently and cautiously. Therefore, the above is not a “statement” of the author to the relevant authorities, but is only an indication that we have direct experience of experiencing this problem, that is, our reasoning is based on personal contact with the abomination that is still encountered (and even thriving, fragrant) in the domestic science. Unfortunately, the concept of professional ethics in the protection of diplomas and dissertations is still far from perfect, and the nobility in these ideas is clearly not enough, not to mention the real opposition to this disgrace.