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Various forms of dependence of the psychologist-researcher from the “customer”
Working on large monetary contracts with “solid” firms, often have to go on a number of compromises. For various reasons, it is not always possible to convince the “customers” that they are right custom writings and the need to conduct research in this company in a completely different way. And the desire to work by their own rules (and in accordance with their principles) may result in the fact that the “customer” will quickly find another, more agreeable “performer”. It is conditionally possible to distinguish the following forms of dependence of the executing psychologist on the “customer” representing a rich company:
1. Financial dependence, when the psychologist is simply forced to work out his fees and make many concessions.
2. Moral dependence, when it is necessary to conduct research, the results of which are likely to be used to infringe upon the rights of staff.
3. Administrative dependence, when a large contract passes through a department where a psychologist actually works and when administrative pressure can be put on him by his immediate superiors.
4. Various options for humiliation in front of a rich “customer”, when for the sake of “interests of the cause” you have to sit at banquets, participate in drinking bouts, appease “customers” and their associates with “interesting” conversations, etc.
The problem of the relationship of “teachers” and their “followers” in psychology
This problem is also very complex and delicate. Often, a talented scientist has a complex character, so his students and “followers” ​​must somehow adapt to this, that is, endure the antics of their “teacher”. As “they say, great things are forgiven to outstanding people” (at least, from those who voluntarily chose such a “teacher” for themselves). As the students gain independence (especially after writing diploma and dissertations), there may be some distance from their “teacher”. Note that often teachers do not really approve of this and even get angry at their former followers.
Research paper example, but the most terrible thing is that the separation of a student from his teacher takes place against the background of outright squabbles, scandal and “recalling” of all the conceivable and inconceivable “sins” of his recent supervisor. Unfortunately, there are not so many such examples in Russian psychology.